These are the books I plan to read (or have read) this year.  It's a bit of a catch up year, because while I didn't

From the perspective of December, I feel slightly less than unique in describing 2020 as an 'unusual' year - but I knew it was going

I’m dubiously assured by the clever scales at the gym that I am around 64% water, which according to a quick Google search is

Making a podcast is easier than it has ever been, that’s for sure. For a start, there’s plenty of help out there for

I pulled this question out of my new “wordsmith” deck of writing prompts. I thought I should write and post something and so here I

Coffee shops are fascinating from every perspective. I think so anyway. Firstly, I reckon the shop someone plumps for when faced with a choice between

Each year I set myself a goal of reading 12 or so books, and then at the end of the year I try to come

For another year in a row, I’ve achieved my goal of books – one a month during 2017 was a follow on from 1 a