2021 Goals - Make the most

2021 Goals - Make the most

New Years Resolutions generally don't work, but I'm a goal-driven guy so since 2018 or so I've been setting myself a yearly theme backed up with some objectives.

It's something I picked up from my Aunty, and I've blogged about it before.

After 2020 (the year of fewer - who knew what it'd be fewer of!), I've set 2021 the slightly depressing(?) theme 'make the most' - it seemed a safe approach, but it also seemed like the best reaction to 2020. If nothing else, it's been a year that has made clearer what matters to each of us.

Of course, it also has to align with my longer term goals. I'm writing a post about those at the moment, and I'll update this page with the details when I'm done.

Goal 1 - 📚 Read 13 books


My reading may have stopped during 2020, but my penchant for purchasing books didn't. So, I'll tackle my reading pile this year - that's 13 books by December 2021.

I've published a list of what I plan to read here, so you can follow along.

I'm measuring what % of my original list I've measured

Goal 2 - Conquer the gym


In 2020, I found out that being legally prevented from going to the gym made it more attractive so I got a PT (and then another, long story) dropped 10kg of fat and actually enjoyed it. In 2021, I want to continue that. That means at least 3 visits a week, and conquering 'do it yourself' for workouts by myself that are more than a bit of cardio and some tentative 'other' work.

As the gyms haven't been open because of the pandemic, I'm counting 37 weeks and 4 days from 12 April until 31 December, so that's about 111 visits.

Goal 3 - Pay off debt


I'm lucky to have come out of 2020 still in a job, on full pay and - even better - having cut my commute costs over the last year down to nothing other than a bit of additional carpet wear.

And so I've come out of 2020 with much less debt than I went into it with, and by my calculations I can come out of 2021 with none at all...So what else but to go for it?

The measure here is just the % to pay off that's been paid off. This one is going to be lumpy, because of I'm saving up to pay off in chunks rather than making monthly payments.

Goal 4 - Get a hobby, an interest, or something...


I want to expand my thoughts a little.

Working in health, the last year has been an intense experience of home and work being about the same thing. I'm thinking I might join a club of some kind, find a hobby, or maybe even volunteer somehow.

Ideas in my head include looking into becoming a school govenor, and maybe trying again to turn photography into a hobby.

The measure here is just 8.3% per month that I keep up the hobbies.

Last updated 4 April 2021.