I write about the things that interest me, but also the things I think might interest other people. Things like Is Card Clash causing a panic across London? and What are Monarch's planes doing now?.

I like taking things apart and putting them back together again, I see the big picture but I'm fascinated by the detail. Bringing people together, driving change, calmly dealing with whatever gets thrown my way and seeing it through to the end are all phrases used to describe me by those with experience of working with me.

And while I'm a strategist at heart, I've done the delivery too - and I'm never afraid to jump in. At the moment, I lead PR and Communications for a health and care company.

I started out when I was 11, determined to become a journalist but told "no, you can't do work experience" beecause of my age  by the BBC and local papers, I came up with a way that I could do it anyway. After 'beating the local press at its own game' and winning an award for improving communication in my hometown of Rubery, I've been via coffee, research, banking, education, transport and health and care.

You also can find me, and get in touch, at @nicparkes on Twitter or on LinkedIn.