Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

From the perspective of December, I feel slightly less than unique in describing 2020 as an 'unusual' year - but I knew it was going to be an odd one for me  before anyone had even heard of that coronavirus.

2020 is the first year for a while where I've not explicitly set myself any goals (and thus this is accurately my only post in the '2020 goals' category). New Year's resolutions don't work, so for the past few years I've instead had a theme. In 2019, it was 'simplify' while in 2020 I set myself the goal of 'fewer' - but I never went further and set specific goals.

Because the theme was not just about making sure that, having simplified my world in 2019, I only had the things in it I needed but also because I was reasonably certain that - by the end of it - there would be at least 1 fewer people in my life.

I've written about the huge impact my Auntie Karen has had on my life before and after more than a year-long battle with one of those cancers which 'sneaks up behind you', she died in February.

We were 'lucky' in some respects that it happened early on in the year because it meant that things could be normal, we could spend time with Karen in her last weeks and for the funeral she had one last chance at a packed-to-the-rafters 'gig'.

But like everyone else we've had to deal with the complexities of life since then without travelling and without being able to spend time together: to grow the new normal, to share sorrow, and to remember.

The year has been packed with work (and a thankfulness that I still have a job), spending more time at home doing 'normal' stuff like binge-watching The Crown, and - again, like so many other people - a huge, immovable and constant cognitive load.

But I think I'm also leaving the year thanks to 'events' with a greater appreciation of things I never thought I'd appreciate until they were gone. Not least, finding a new appreciation of the gym - a little space for normality creating the ability to 'suceeed' and 'achieve' (two things I really must have) by achieving my goals of losing body fat.

I didn't set myself a goal for how many books to read (I managed one, Let's Do It, which I'd strongly recommend taking as an audiobook given the involvement of so many of Victoria's long term collaborators in performing it), nor anything else. But that's OK.

I flew on a 747 just weeks before 2020 had its way with them, visited New York (and tried a real cheesecake),  visited the Isle of Wight for the first time to ride trains as old as my granny beofre they retired and have no idea where the majority of the year went.

And for all those reasons, I'm taking 2020 as a win.

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