Setting goals for 2021

Setting goals for 2021

New Years Resolutions generally don't work, but I'm a goal-driven guy so since 2018 or so I've been setting myself a yearly theme backed up with some objectives.

After 2020 (the year of fewer - who knew what it'd be fewer of!), I've set 2021 the slightly depressing(?) theme 'make the most' - it seemed a safe approach, but it also seemed like the best reaction to 2020.

If nothing else, it's been a year that has made clearer what matters to each of us.

Conquer the gym

In 2020, I found out that being legally prevented from going to the gym made it more attractive so I got a PT (and then another, long story) dropped 10kg of fat and actually enjoyed it.

In 2021, I want to continue that. That means at least 3 visits a week, and conquering 'do it yourself' for workouts by myself that are more than a bit of cardio and some tentative 'other' work.

Go extra-curricular

I want to expand my thoughts a little.

Working in health, the last year has been an intense experience of home and work being about the same thing. I'm thinking I might join a club of some kind, find a hobby, or maybe even volunteer somehow.

Ideas in my head include looking into becoming a school govenor, and maybe trying again to turn photography into a hobby.

Pay off debt

I'm lucky to have come out of 2020 still in a job, on full pay and - even better - having cut my commute costs over the last year down to nothing other than a bit of additional carpet wear.

And so I've come out of 2020 with much less debt than I went into it with, and by my calculations I can come out of 2021 with none at all...So what else but to go for it?

Track my progress

I'll update my progress against these goals each month on this dedicated page here.

2021 Goals - Make the most
New Years Resolutions generally don’t work, but I’m a goal-driven guy so since2018 or so I’ve been setting myself a yearly theme backed up with someobjectives. It’s something I picked up from my Aunty, and I’ve blogged about it before. After 2020 (the year of fewer - who knew what it’d be fewer…