You'll never guess what Monarch's planes are doing now

You'll never guess what Monarch's planes are doing now

… Broadly speaking, they're flying about. So probably not that surprising.

This blog post is mainly appearing here because I found myself wondering about the fate of Monarch's 35-strong fleet of planes after it fell into administration last October.

I'd seen the "Monarch Cook" partially reliveried planes popping up on Instagram, but I was wondering… where did all the others go?

It's the kind of thing I expected to see on the Internet - but despite much searching, I couldn't find a compiled list. So, I made one.

Hello if you've landed here looking for just such a list. I like you. Stick around.

But on to why we're here…

I'm very pleased to say that the vast majority of the fleet (according to Planespotters.net's records) are up and about again, doing what they do best this summer.

Monarch RegFate
G-ZBASEasyJet Europe
G-ZBABFrontier Airlines
G-ZBAVNordwind Airlines
G-OZBYAzul Linhas Aéreas
G-ZBAHSmartLynx Estonia
G-OZBWAvion Express
G-ZBARThomas Cook Balearics
G-OZBLSmall Planet Airlines
G-MARAOlympus Airlines
G-OJEGOlympus Airlines
G-OZBMRed Wings Airlines
G-OZBNJust Us Air
G-OZBZSmall Planet Airlines
G-OZBERed Wings Airlines
G-OZBFRed Wings Airlines
G-OZBRLanmei Airlines
G-OZBG(Ural Airlines)
G-OZBHUral Airlines
G-OZBIAvion Express
G-ZBAIAegean Airlines
G-ZBAJAegean Airlines
G-ZBAGRed Wings
G-ZPAKNordwind Airlines
G-ZBALLanmei Airlines
G-OZBTAegean Airlines
G-OZBUNordwind Airlines
G-ZBADThomas Cook UK
G-ZBAEThomas Cook UK
G-ZBAMThomas Cook UK
G-ZBADThomas Cook UK
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